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Integrating Crusher tests with Jenkins

Integration with Jenkins can be done easily with the help of crusher-cli. This guide will cover how you can trigger tests from your Jenkins pipeline

Example repo

For reference, you can take a look at the example repo which uses jenkins to trigger crusher tests.


pipeline {
agent {
docker {
image 'circleci/node:12.14.0-browsers'
stages {
stage('Test') {
steps {
// run crusher tests
sh 'npx crusher-cli test:run --token=<random_token_here> --project-id=<your_project_id>'

The above JenkinsFile is doing the following things,

  1. Using node:12.14.0 docker image as a base to prepare a basic node environment. (Needed for crusher-cli)
  2. Triggering tests through crusher-cli test:run command in your project from —token and --project-id passed. (Look at how to get the token and project id)

Getting token and project id

To get your user token and project id,

  1. Open Crusher and go to Settings>Integrations
  2. Copy the command from the CI/CD command box.
  3. Replace the command with the newly copied command.
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