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What is Crusher?

Crusher is low-code framework to create fast and reliable e2e tests for web apps and websites. It's easy to integrate in your project and powerful to handle both simple and complex use cases.

Just create reliable e2e tests in mins and run it when you push new changes.

Who uses Crusher?

Crusher is used by Engineers, QAs, product manager, founder. It's a robust tool for everyone involved in product development.

Team use crusher for variety of use cases, like:

  1. Developers looking to ship software fast, without waiting for QA approval or fixing bugs again and again.
  1. QA Manager doing manual QA looking to automate their workflow.
  1. VP/Manager who want their team to focus on shipping software and not on fixing bugs.
  1. Founder or Product owner to make sure their users get best version of the apps.

Ultimately, using Crusher will help you ship fast, and without bugs. Everyone gets to be happy in the end.


Crusher is designed mainly for Devs/QA, and to offer a better testing workflow. At certain times, you might need to dev support; We're happy to help in those cases.

What can you do with Crusher?

There are variety of stuff crusher can do

  1. Write functional test: Create e2e functional test in few mins

  2. Create UI and text assertion: Test UI and add text assertion.

  3. Multibrowser support. Run test in multiple browsers.

  4. CI integration: Run test from local machine or CI

  5. Monitor production for stability.

  6. Chain tests together. Run test in sequence

  7. Extensbility: Use custom code to test complex use cases

  8. Concurrency: Run all the test in parallel and decrease your test build time significantly.

  9. Test on multiple configurations: Create test in one place and run it on multiple configurations.

What sets us apart?

There are four features that set us apart

  1. Low-code approach 🎯 to create test. Create both simple and powerful tests.

  2. Blazing fast test creation. You can literally create test in <2 mins.

  3. E2E integrated tool. Plug and play solution for all your testing need.

  4. Developer first and Open source approach.

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