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Create your first test

Crusher makes creating a test super easy. You can integrate and create your first test within few mins.

Using CLI

Estimated time: 2 mins | Recommended

Crusher can integrate in your git repo seamlessly. In your git repo, run

$npx crusher-cli test:create

This is the recommended way for developers. Make sure you've npx/nodejs installed. If not, then install nodejs first.

Or install recorder

Estimated time: 3 mins
Operation SystemHow to install?Download Link
MacOS (Dmg)GuideDownload
Linux (Deb)GuideDownload

Download and install native recorder. This is recommeded if you're not a developers or don't have access to the repo.

Running the test

Once you have created your first test, you can run it with CLI directly.

$npx crusher-cli test:run

Or use GUI to run test

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