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Crusher CLI

The Crusher command-line interface (CLI) is the go-to CLI for developers to create and run test for their project.

You can create test locally and run them on crusher server with few commands.


To create a test

$npx crusher-cli test:create

And run test with

$npx crusher-cli test:run

The Crusher CLI works with node > v10


You can also use npm install crusher-cli or yarn add crusher-cli, but it is not recommeded as we provide continuous updates to improce experience


To get help just write

$npx crusher-cli  --help
$npx crusher-cli <command> --help
$npx crusher-cli <command> <subcommand> --help


The Crusher CLI is built with TypeScript and Node.js.


To troubleshoot issues with the Crusher CLI, the following may be useful:

  • Make sure the latest version of the Crusher CLI is installed. Get the installed version by running npx crusher-cli --version.
  • Make sure the latest Node LTS is installed. See Node & npm environment setup.
  • The crusher cli will require internet connection for saving and running test.
  • Crusher cli works with only .git enabled repositories.
  • The global Crusher CLI configuration directory is ~/.crusher on all platforms.
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