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Introduction to Crusher

Crusher is a low-code testing platform to create reliable e2e tests for web apps and websites. It's easy to integrate into your project and powerful to handle both simple and complex use cases.

We aspire to take the pain out of testing and make it easy to create reliable e2e tests for your web app. With Crusher, you'll seamlessly be able to


  • Low-code test creation: Covers most use cases; more advanced use cases are supported via custom code.
  • Central reporting and management for team
  • Multi-browser support (in beta). Multi version will come soon.
  • All-in-one testing solution
  • Super fast and scalable
  • Open core and free to use for individual devs

Most of the features that you will need are already covered by us. If it's not there, file an issue on Github.

Core principles of Crusher

Robust, fast and secure
Make testing awesome
Built for developers
Extendable & customizable


  • Making the life of devs easier: Instead of writing tests, write code.

  • Increasing confidence to ship: We're making sure that you're always on the right track.

  • Making testing cool: Currently, it's both boring and flaky.


We're opinionated in a certain way, Testing is already too complex, there are tons of slugs for the simplest of things. For example, black box testing, sanity testing, regression testing, e2e testing, smoke testing etc.

It's like we're trying to make the ecosystem complex, when it's more or less the same stuff. We want to change this


The core of Crusher is licensed under the MIT license. If you're a solo developer, you can use it for free.

The ee version of Crusher is licensed by Crusher but its source is available.